Macrocosm is a word I don’t use

Today was a crazy day for me. I learned so much in one day. From the politics involved in urban design in France and England, to more issues on global climate change, then Egypt’s role in the Palestine Israeli peace process. My mind has so much going through it right now I can’t even think. Since the person I usually am able to talk about these things with is not present…you guys get to read what is on my mind.

Urban Design- Cities are full of power trips. People fighting for claim to the biggest tower. Countries wanting to build strong axis and central business cores to suggest they are more powerful. It is amazing how political designing a city can be. Politics truly shape cities, and in most cases in the United States hinder evolution and development. It is hard for me to find interest in such large scale projects when I know of how many people in developing countries need planning to help bring basic ammenties to their everday lives. Learning about cities fighting each other for development of a second more awe inspiring central business district made me very critical of humans motives in city planning today.

Climate Change- This is an issue that is not going away anytime soon. Once the U.S. stops assuming they are superior and better than nature change may begin. Once the U.S. can change from a consumeristic mindset and realize that the wrong kind of growth reduces our quality of life then proper steps can be made. As of now ecosystems and nature have no rights and they are treated as such. The fossil fuel industry has control of every aspect in life. A quote really stuck out for me today that read, ” Things are thieves of time.” Quotes such as this make me really think of how I am living, and I hope do the same for you.

Israeli-Palestine Conflict- Never have I tried to understand an issue more, and each time I try and learn more feel like I know less. This conflict has so many views. It has so much history intertwined and more dates and people than I can keep track of. I went to a lecture tonight by Dr. Talhami as she spoke of Egypt’s role in the peace process. She lectured on so much history I was in utter amazement how she was able to remember all the names, dates, and roles these people had in the history of the conflict. The lecture did not help me better understand what is taking place, but did bring in points that I was unaware of before. Egypt once had a major role in the decision within the Middle East. Egypt used to be a major player in the conflict with Israel and Palestine. These days Egypt has very little role in any negotion or peace making. Dr. Talhami explained how she believes that soon Egypt’s border closest with Israel will be tested. She does not believe Egypt will be able to remain lifeless regarding the conflict and it is matter of time before they become involved. To some this may not be anything you have not heard, but I found it interesting that Egypt having such a great influence on what has happened in the region now plays a very little role in the decision or peace making process.

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Thoughts- Vancouver has always been a city that has always fascinated me. It is surrounded by beauty in the mountains and ocean, and uses parks within in the city to create a sense of oneness with nature. I never have been in such a dense city but at the same time felt so connected with the natural world around me. It just doesn’t happen in places like New York or LA. Vancouver to me represents a balance of opposites…nature intermingling with the urban landscape. Grouse Mountain overshadowing Vancouver as a place where people can look to and be reminded of the beauty and importance of nature. Stanley Park as a park that is used as a place of escape and freedom from the cemented streets.

Fun Fact- According to Forbes magazine, Vancouver and Vienna have the third highest quality of living in the world




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Third Times a Charm

So I am trying to get a new fresh start with the blog. I cannot commit a lot of time to it as I have tried to in the past so have decided to just let it flow organically. If I have a interesting thought, picture, form of inspiration, or anything else that passes through my mind…you guys get to see it.

First things first. Trees are the best.


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