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Thoughts- This one is for Paige and her obsession with this city. I thought I would try and better understand a city I have only been to a few times. Seattle in my opinion is a very interesting city. It is hard for me to really look into a city that I have not quite experienced to its fullest. Disclaimer: The following thoughts are based solely on my impressions and assumptions. Seattle has a great location on the Puget Sound with nature in abudence. I only was able to visit the more “touristy” areas, but got the feeling that many of these areas are main points of public space in the city. Seattle does a great job in creating urban space that is used by both tourist and resident, but I felt that I did not get to experience the city in its entirety because of this. Seattle has a great port city feel with so much history packed into the urban core. Out of the cities core many neighborhoods with small families reside making daily commutes in and out of the city. The surrounding area seems pleasant and the neighborhoods though low density residential feel very connected to nature around them. A house surrounded by hundreds of other single family homes still feels like it is nestled in the woods. Overall Seattle had a very similar feeling to Vancouver…at times not as appealing but the location, people, and neighboring suburbs give Seattle a very homey feel within a dense urban environment.

Fun Fact- Seattle was the first city in the U.S. to play a Beatles song on the radio. (this fact might be enough for some to live there)


photo: unknown

pike place

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Seattle Center Fountain


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